Probate & Wills

Trusts, Wills, Administration of Estate and Probate

We are experienced in advising on Cyprus wills, probate and the administration of estates. We also litigate on probate disputes. Our Private Client team assists individuals on the proper form and drafting of wills, the intricacies of Cyprus probate law and on the administration of estates of a deceased. Additionally, we advise personal representatives internationally on the resealing of grants of probate issued abroad and on their execution where assets are left in Cyprus.

For some estates the process of probate can be straightforward but sometimes problems may arise. We advise heirs and administrators on their rights where probate in Cyprus is delayed, where there is suspected fraud or negligence on the part of the administrators, where there are missing beneficiaries, where assets have been squandered or where there is a contentious matter in a will. We undertake for our clients with an interest in an estate court litigation where disputes arise concerning a will or the administration of an estate.

We also advise on asset protection through Trusts. There are legal conditions for a trust deed to be valid under Cyprus law and we ensure correct drafting and clear provisions so that the trust ensuring validity. A trust is useful as it can provide protection for beneficiaries and it can enable control over assets which can be utilized for specific purposes or individuals such as providing  an income to a beneficiary during a lifetime without the underlying asset being estranged.

Our services in include:

  • Advising and drafting of wills and trusts
  • Filing of the will at the Court Registry
  • Trust formation and registration
  • Management of a trust
  • Executor of will, trustee, protector services
  • Acting as administrators in probate
  • Applying to the courts in Cyprus for a grant of probate or grant of letters of administration
  • Applying to the courts for re-sealing of foreign grants of probate
  • Selling assets of the estate for and on behalf of the heirs
  • Obtaining tax clearances for the distribution of the estate
  • Distributing the estate to the beneficiaries
  • Litigation on contentious probate and wills

 Our fees

We are clear with our fees from the outset. We are transparent with regard to costs at all stages of your case and we bill in stages as we progress with your case. We provide an initial free consultation where we advise you on your options and we provide clear steps or measures that can be taken, bearing in mind your particular circumstances.

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