Family & Matrimonial

Family & Matrimonial

The breakdown of a marriage or relationship is never simple and can be emotionally and financially challenging.

Our dedicated family lawyers will work with you with empathy and understanding to achieve the best outcome for you and your family.  We advise on all aspects of family law from civil partnerships in Cyprus to divorce and child custody proceedings.

We have particular skill in dealing with international divorces with high financial assets or where there are complicated business structures involved. Our team advise also on custody rights, contact orders when it comes to children, interim restraining orders in domestic abuse cases and freezing and disclosure orders in matrimonial property disputes.

We aim to resolve matters in a conciliatory way. We are committed to non-confrontational divorce and believe it is essential that you have the right lawyers to deal with minimizing the impact of the breakdown. However, if we need to litigate we shall defend you and your rights rigorously.

Our family law services include the following:

  • Civil partnership procedures,
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Family financial proceedings
  • Child maintenance orders
  • Child custody proceedings
  • Child abduction
  • Cross-border legal advice on matrimonial property and interim injunctive proceedings

Our fees

We are clear with our fees from the outset. We are transparent with regard to costs at all stages of your case and we bill in stages as we progress with your case. We provide an initial free consultation where we advise you on your options and we provide clear steps or measures that can be taken, bearing in mind your particular circumstances.

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