Business Immigration

Business Immigration

In recent years Cyprus has witnessed an exponential interest in businesses seeking to relocate, headquarter or establish a branch in Cyprus. Work place immigration is essential for those wanting staff to relocate and work in Cyprus.

Our business immigration lawyers assist and advise businesses on their workplace immigration needs and offer specific advice on a number of aspects such as the relocation of key personnel, skilled workers, start-up businesses, family relocation work permits for International Business Companies (IBC’s)

The team advise predominantly in the following areas:

  • Preparing the application in accordance within immigration rules and advising on the visa sought by the individual or employer;
  • Advising on regulatory conditions imposed by professional bodies where a professional wishes to operate from Cyprus
  • The securing of work permits and their renewals undertaking liaison with the Migration Department of the Republic of Cyprus,
  • Switching between different visa or immigration permit types and assessing whether that is possible;
  • Drafting employment agreements and providing advice so that you are compliant with EU and Cyprus law on workers’ rights.

The team also advise businesses and individuals on;

  • Dependent/relative visas linked to a  and
  • Permanent  residency visas

Examples of our work include:

  • Securing work permits for a large multinational company relocating part of its busines to Cyprus
  • Advising on planned employment of non- EU nationals whether permissible under current immigration rules,
  • advising on the consequences and how to deal with unknowingly engaging illegal workers
  • Representing employers in court in illegal employment of non EU nationals

Our commitment to you.

If you are a seeking reliable legal team to represent you then we can help. We are transparent with regard to costs and fees from the outset of our engagement and we bill in stages as work progresses. We offer an initial free consultation on your business immigration matter.

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