Cyprus Tax

Cyprus Tax

Tax law increasing becoming more contentious as governments seek to raise tax revenues. Companies and individuals are seeking out stable and low tax favourable jurisdictions as part of their tax planning. With low corporate and personal tax rates Cyprus is an attractive tax jurisdiction.  

We advise domestic and international clients on Cyprus tax legislation and procedures, ensuring that our clients are in a position to take advantage of both favourable corporate and personal tax rates and the provisions of the numerous double taxation treaties that Cyprus has concluded with other countries.

Our tax advisors guide corporate and private individuals through the Cyprus tax system aiming to maximize benefit yet ensuring that any tax planning remains within the law.

We advise on tax matters including:

  • Tax department registrations for individual and businesses
  • Securing tax residency certificates for individuals and companies
  • Exemptions and incentives available for individuals relocating to Cyprus
  • Transfers of seat (re-domiciliation) from and to Cyprus
  • Tax related to real estate
  • Tax related to inheritance
  • Tax amnesties
  • Obtaining advance tax rulings from the Cyprus tax authorities and advising tax payers who are disputing tax bills or are facing civil or criminal proceedings for tax irregularities
  • Eligibility for tax relief under domestic laws, double taxation agreements and EU directives
  • Establishment of business and operational substance to meet the enhanced conditions  for proving tax presence
  • appointment letters, employment agreements and other documents
  • Assisting with the registration of the various officers and employees with the local authorities of Cyprus for immigration, social insurance and tax law purposes
  • Assisting with registration of offices with authorities and utilities in Cyprus

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