Корпоративные Услуги

Корпоративные Услуги

In today’s international business environment we advise on all matters of Cyprus corporate law with the aim of helping you develop and promote your business. We facilitate transactions from beginning to end particularly those overseas companies and businesses opening offices, branches or acquiring businesses in Cyprus.

We are experienced in advising on corporate transactions from shareholders’ agreements to mergers and acquisitions and all matters of ensuring running of a business in Cyprus.

We provide corporate services relating to the incorporation, management and administration of companies in Cyprus. We advise on all company law matters and represent clients in corporate litigation where necessary.

We also provide our clients with a range of supplementary services where we offer a one-stop shop of corporate services. Many of these supplementary services are important for establishing and operating a business in Cyprus:

  • Услуги секретаря
  • Nominee directorship services
  • Предоставление адреса зарегистрированного офиса и сопутствующие услуги
  • Услуги по администрированию и управлению
  • Услуги виртуального офиса (связь и пространство)
  • Помощь в открытии банковского счета и сопутствующие услуги
  • Income НАЛОГОВЫЕ УСЛУГИ registration and VAT registration
  • Получение и продление разрешений на трудоустройство и виз
  • Applying for residency and start-up visas for senior staff
  • Подача заявления на регистрацию торгового наименования, услуг или товарных знаков

Our fees

We are clear with our fees from the outset. We are transparent with regard to costs at all stages of our services and we bill in stages as work progresses. We provide an initial free consultation where we advise you on your options and we provide clear steps or measures that can be taken, bearing in mind your particular circumstances.

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